It’s Never Too Late

Embracing sunset photoMany years ago I was stuck by the poignancy of a statement Geshe Ngawang Dhargye made in one of his teachings I was reading where he stated that every moment is another opportunity to change the course of our lives, that how we decide to react right now, in this very moment, will have a long-lasting impact far into the future. It had a deep and lasting impact on me and made me acutely aware that we should never become complacent by thinking that just because we have reached a certain age or have been practicing Dharma for all these years and still keep making the same mistakes over and over that we shall never succeed. We never know just how many times we need to “fail” at making wise and healthy decisions before we actually “succeed.” Each one of those supposed failures is nothing other than a step towards success. It is only in giving up that we can say we have failed. Being aware of our apparent shortcomings, conjoined with the aspiration to change, is a huge step forward in actually making healthy changes, wise decisions, and becoming better human beings. The act of trying in itself is success! So, no matter how many times we fall flat on our faces in our attempts to better ourselves—before we get discouraged and acquiesce into the comfort-zone of complacency—get up, and take another step forward on your journey of success.

1 thought on “It’s Never Too Late”

  1. Thank you such inspirational words and wisdom. Helps me to strive to meditating longer and more diligently knowing I am taking a step closer to liberation each time I try.


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