Do I need an empowerment to read these texts?   These are restricted texts and you are verifying by purchasing, that you have the proper initiations. 

How do I download my sadhanas? If you have any problems with the digital downloads, please contact dechenlingpress@gmail.com to receive a pdf

Why are these books so expensive? Due to the limited print runs, the high quality of metarials, and the restricted nature of the booksales, the cost of the books is usually just enough to cover the publishing expenses. We are a Non Profit dedicated to spreading the dharma.

If any proceeds are collected from the sale of these books, it goes directly to supporting Ganden Kachoe Monastery in India.

How may I contribute? We currently have several upcoming projects that are in need of funding for their completion. We will have a donation option arriving soon as we announce these future releases. Thanks for you interest and feel free to contact us anytime for a tax deductible contribution at dechenlingpress@gmail.com

How can I get involved? Please visit our teachings and events sections to view current activities at Dechen Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center. If you have questions about the material or classes, write to us at dechenlingpress@gmail.com

What is your privacy policy? You can read our privacy policy here.

As a way of creating an knowledge-base we are encouraging visitors of this site to submit their questions-either about Dharma in general or the texts on this site in particular-after which we will post the responses so that we can all learn from these often thought-provoking and intelligent questions.

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