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Yamantaka Lama Chopa Self-Initiation

Yamantaka Lama Chopa Self-Initiation


Yamantaka Lama Chopa Self-Initiation
Composed by Pabongkha Dechen Nyinpo
14 pages | $5.00 | PDF file (Download) ½-letter size booklet format

  • Description

    Product Description

    This is an extremely secret and highly regarded practice of Yamantaka self-initiation in conjunction with Lama Chopa. It can be done with either the traditional Lama Chopa practice or the unique Yamanaka Lama Chopa practice available through this website. It’s brevity means that it can easily be done on a daily basis for those wishing to maintain and restore their vows and commitments as well as the continuity of the blessings they received from their guru during the empowerment.

    By ordering this item you affirm that you have received the empowerment for this practice.